Josephine Atanga is an American Music recording artist who believes in the power of appreciation and recognition. A two time recipient of the United States of America Senatorial citation for excellence in community service. She has won many awards in her music career in her Home town in Maryland USA. She was therefore inspired to recognize and appreciate other women through collective power since she became a winner of so many awards. Winning these awards has open many doors and continue to encourage her to raise the standard of excellence.  This was her inspiration behind the Golden Women Awards. She believes in the power and the strength in creating a positive impact in the lives of Women.

She is the president and chief executivejpic2 officer of Women Designed for Success (WODESS), the founder of Golden Women Awards and WODESS Magazine which seeks to empower Women through recognition, appreciation and exposure. WODESS is the proud producer of the prestigious Golden Women Awards. She believes that when women are appreciated they have the urge and the desire not to only do more but doing it with a sense of excellence.
The Golden Women Awards which will become a yearly event will be the first Award in Finland in particular that will seek to bring both the multicultural woman and the Finnish woman on the same plat form to be recognized and appreciated for excellence in work. No matter where you come from, no matter you background as long as you excel as a woman in the Finnish society you deserve to be appreciated. It is a very prestigious awards with high profile judges that brings credibility to such an award. A red carpet and glamorous event that will seek to raise money on this first award to help the MONA HOUSE of Monika Naiset. A shelter house for abused Women in Helsinki

While in the USA, Josephine was the founder of Listar Love a non-profit organization that impacted and change lives of young girls in Africa and USA through her Listar scholarship program. She is a woman with a compassionate heart for the needy and less fortunate. She prides herself in her philanthropic work. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and currently a final year BS Nursing student at ARCADA University of Applied Sciences.

  • She is the winner of African Gospel Music award in USA in 2010.
  • She is also a two time recipient of the Maryland United States Senatorial citation of excellence in community services by Senator Ben Cadin
  • She is the founder of Women Designed for success, an organization that seeks to empower women.
  • She is the founder of the prestigious Gospel Drum Talk Show that airs on Local TV network in Maryland, USA.
  • She is the founder of Golden Women Award in Finland.
  • She was inspired by her love to cherish and inspire women by recognizing the contributions of Women in the Finnish Society through this prestigious award.
  • She is the Founder of Designed by Grace Conference. A conference that seeks to inspire and encourage Women to live above their comfort Zone, rise up to the plate, Raise the Bar in whatever they seek to t to become not only a statistics but become of most successful women . Living a life of purpose and fulfillment
  • She served as the International student coordinator at ARCADA University of Applied Sciences in 2012.
  • Currently serves as a Board member in the biggest multicultural organization MONIHELI  in Finland
  • Her Vision is to see women successful because every woman has the seed of greatness embed in her. With the right attitude and circumstance coupled with knowledge and wisdom nothing can stop her from reaching her highest potentials.
  • The Golden Women Awards” Empowering one woman at a time through recognition and appreciation”

Welcome to The Golden Women Awards . It is here to Stay.