Nimco Noor…WODESS Woman of the year

15152857_1001822723276620_1427008520_oMy name is Nimco Noor and i am from Somalia. I am a mother and I am also training to become a teachers assitant.For the past five years I have voluntarily been involved in various childrens programmes and somali culture events.

Furthermore I have filmed folktales for children and traditional somali dances. In addition, I take part in organising somali language and tradition events. I have also had the pleasure of collaberating with several Somali organisations in Finland.
Currently I am working on a project/event where we will be presenting the first somalis that arrived in europe in the 19th century

The Award is rooted on the idea that nowadays there is an urgent need of bringing to light both immigrant and non-immigrant women’s remarkable actions in Finland. Throughout the award’s categories, a full of range of professions are taken into consideration, rewarding women in categories such as Creative Design, Healthcare, Entertainment or Science & Innovation, amongst others.
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