Caius Andreas Bruun

cauisCaius Andreas Bruun( Caboart Finland) one of the best vintage portrait professional photographers in Europe has just confirmed he will be one of the official photographers for the 2016 Golden women awards in Helsinki-Finland . With over 30 years of experience you are sure of the best quality vintage style pictures.

The composition is A and O in photography. Without composition there is just a pictures, but perfect compositions makes photography an art. Composition, light and shadow. Those are all we need for the perfect image including a camera and a GOOD lens. I would lay much more emphasis on “good lens””.

The Award is rooted on the idea that nowadays there is an urgent need of bringing to light both immigrant and non-immigrant women’s remarkable actions in Finland. Throughout the award’s categories, a full of range of professions are taken into consideration, rewarding women in categories such as Creative Design, Healthcare, Entertainment or Science & Innovation, amongst others.
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