GWA Categories & Criteria

The Golden Women Awards honour to public relations, as well as a wide range of businesses in Finland, the Awards explore the full range of the profession, and provide a comprehensive look at the most exceptional examples. With such a scope, the Golden Awards ensure that achievements in all fields is acknowledged.
Nominations are accepted in the following Golden Women Awards categories. The person who is nominated must fit with at least one criteria of her category.

womentest3This award recognizes an individual who is innovative, visionary and creative.  Hard worker dedicated and committed. They give birth to an idea and against all odds raise the standard of bar of their industry. They are influential and respected in the industry of their talent. They include writers, poets, producers (TV, film, music, radio, and print), artists, and designers.

womentest3The Golden Women Awards Women in the Sports category is awarded annually to promote the advancement of women in sport. It recognizes outstanding achievement and contributions made to develop encourage and strengthen the participation of women and girls at all levels in the sports.

The award is given to

    • a retired athlete (no longer in competitive sport of any kind)
    • an individual woman
    • an administrator
    • a coach
    • a journalist, writer
    • a team that has excelled in any sports
    • the participation of women and girls in physical and sports activities to the coaching of women and girls in physical and sports activities
    • the support of women in administrative and leadership sport structures
    • the promotion of women and sport in the media
    • acting as a role model for women and girls in sports


womentest3This award recognizes an individual who is a force in media. The best campaigns or projects initiated by women in entertainment and culture organisations.A woman who has had a long career in the field of entertainment, media or communications. An individual woman or a female run campaign, project or an organisation in the field of entertainment, media and communication, that has influenced the communities or the society. Successful and talented woman in the fields of entertainment, media and communications (musicians, producers of all kinds, TV hostesses, other media persons, journalists etc.) They are influential whether on screen or on air and continue to set standards in media. This award includes TV and/or radio presenters, journalists, newspaper writer they share their power and charismatic talent to the world, very influential and are well known.  They also includes actresses, musicians and personalities who are influential online and off line.

womentest3This award recognizes a woman leading an association or organization who is a great leader. A woman who understands her members, has an engaged workforce with effective leadership, and is continually innovating to support future growth.  A woman determined and motivated. A person with vision, flair and confidence.The CEO’s association has been successful and has added value to everything they work on. They have communicate openly, with integrity and humility and has inspire people around them. They are influential in their association and possess vision. The greatest women campaigns or projects from associations, organisations, campaigns or projects who have had a great and positive influence in the community or society. A Female run associations and organisations that transcend the competition, efficiently and effectively communicating their messages to their members, political decision makers and the public.

womentest3A talented and very intelligent Young woman between the ages of 10 and 25 who excels in mathematics, physics, arts, music, athletics. A young woman who has achieved success in education, business, mathematics, physics, arts, music and athletics against all odds and   irrespective of their background.  This award celebrates the potential that exists within young woman between the ages of 10 and 25 years of age. This award also celebrate the young woman who is dedicated, hard worker, academic achiever, athletic prowess on the sports field, positive role models good citizens in their schools, communities and outstanding community or voluntary service.

womentest3 A team of performance strategists who are passionate about enhancing their skills, knowledgeable and experience in guaranteeing excellent products and services.

womentest3The WODESS Woman of the year Award recognizes an individual (anywhere in the world) who has demonstrated a selflessness and dedication with the aim to save, enrich, inspire or improve the lives of others. A  humanitarian endeavors  to improve the human condition through saving lives, improving the quality of life, and alleviating pain and  suffering, while supporting and contributing to the basic human dignity of those in need. She is innovative, a problem solver and overcomes challenges. She strives to support, improve and enhance our communities and the society. A woman with a Golden Heart.
womentest3This award will be given to an entrepreneur at the helm of a small business of under 20 employees. The entrepreneur will have examples that show their resilience and fortitude in overcoming obstacles and difficulties to ensure a secure and growing success.


The Award is rooted on the idea that nowadays there is an urgent need of bringing to light both immigrant and non-immigrant women’s remarkable actions in Finland. Throughout the award’s categories, a full of range of professions are taken into consideration, rewarding women in categories such as Creative Design, Healthcare, Entertainment or Science & Innovation, amongst others.
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